FolderWave, Inc. A Massachusetts-based company founded in 2000

FolderWave designs, develops, delivers, and supports a complete, modular-based platform that covers all areas of enrollment. “Complete” is the key concept and greatest differentiator — FolderWave handles services as well as solutions to become an extension of your operation.

Founded to meet the needs of Higher Education, FolderWave focuses on people and processes, delivering a powerful engine that drives our clients’ operational and strategic objectives. All FolderWave engagements incorporate the complete process; including consulting, document management/data entry, tailored workflow, communication and collaboration, system integration, training, maintenance, updates, and program management. Since the service is provided over the Web, any authorized user can access any application anywhere with a supported browser on a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone, etc.

FolderWave is a preeminent solutions provider. Handling hundreds of thousands of Student Application and Financial Aid Cases, as well as millions of documents, FolderWave has repeatedly proven it can offer rapid deployment to address complex problems while demonstrating a significant ROI.

Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, the company is privately held.

Management Team

Bruce Ryan has more than 30 years experience in the computer industry, including R&D, product development and business management, sales, marketing, and international assignments primarily with IBM and the Digital Equipment Corporation.
Dr. Ryan received his Ph.D. and MS in Physics from Lehigh University,  where he was a NASA fellow, and BS in physics from Boston College. His research was performed at the Princeton-Penn High-Energy Physics Lab at Princeton University. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management program.

Bob Burke, President and Co-Founder of FolderWave, Inc., has a background in technology, software development, and operations.  Bob has over 35 years of experience in the software industry with positions at Wang Laboratories, Wang Healthcare and currently with FolderWave.

Bob leads the company’s mission to empower students to seek their own path. The goals of the company are to enrich students’ lives and provide them with tools to help student make informed decisions on college and career.

Bob, a lifelong Massachusetts resident currently residing in Scituate, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clark University with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. Bob holds two patents including 1) Abstraction Layer Database Access and 2) Multiple Abstraction Layer To Multiple Data Sources.  Bob is married to Diane, has two grown children, two grandchildren and enjoys family, friends, golf, skiing and the beach.

World-Class Partnerships

Building, managing, and supporting your infrastructure is no easy task. If you lack the required resources, time, and/or expertise, you’ll want help. FolderWave and our partners can provide you with a complete managed solution.

Through our partners, we provide digital services, high quality microfilming and imaging systems for organizations that want to improve their document imaging and information management processes.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of secure, reliable, enterprise-level IT operations. These enterprise services are centrally delivered through automated systems by pioneers and leading providers of information availability solutions.

We have the expertise – unrivaled infrastructure, highly experienced people, and a variety of services – to help companies develop customized strategies for keeping employees connected to critical systems applications, and information.

Our solutions help businesses and institutions of higher education, as well as K-12, innovate for greater achievement and productivity.