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Career/College Planning

We offer solutions that support career and college planning objectives—targeted at middle and high school students—that help students plan for success by identifying skills and affinities, selecting professions, and building a resume’ and/or portfolio.

K-12 Schools


Enrollment/Process Management

Enrollment Management and Process Enhancement go hand-in-hand. We have the metrics and the method to meet your enrollment goals. [More…]

Powering Your Brand

Powered By FolderWave

FolderWave’s capacity to integrate and process large amounts of information has made us the logical choice to power complex, business-related processes. [More…]

Your Process. Our Platform. Extraordinary Results.


We got our start in Higher Education by focusing on process automation at a time when applications were increasing rapidly and paper-based processing was a burden.

Today, our platform accommodates global admissions, communications, and a broad enrollment environment that supports your strategy and illuminates your data.

We listen, we respond, we evolve, offering a comprehensive, student-centered product that provides significant ROI while freeing staff for contact with students and families.

FolderWave meets your needs for Inquiry & Application Processing, Graduate & Undergraduate Admission, Integrated CRM, Financial Aid, Transcripts & Academic Records. 

Managed Solution

FolderWave provides a complete, flexible, end-to-end software and services solution for Higher Education and Business

Compelling, Proven ROI

Our cloud-based, integrated solution increases efficiency and substantially reduces hardware, software licensing, and personnel costs.

Unsurpassed Expertise

What sets us apart is how we handle conversion, integration, and digitization of information received from hundreds of sources.

Customized Processes

We are happy to collaborate with you and demonstrate how our integrated framework can be tailored to support your processes.

Contact us today to see how we can automate your workflow, application, and document management processes.

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