Interaction With Folderwave

While we are in frequent contact with our clients, we have three primary areas where effective communication is critical. These areas are:

It is important that our clients understand the purpose and processes associated with each of these areas so that our communications are effective, expectations are understood and they produce the results desired.

Annual Application Cycle Changes

Annual Application Cycle changes are updates needed to support your business process.  These are required maintenance updates and are directly related to the start of the upcoming Admissions or Financial Aid processing cycle.

Changes or Updates can include, but are not limited to:

  • fields
  • rules or logic
  • document types
  • online forms
  • integration fields

FolderWave wants to ensure that your new requirements and changes are in place when your new cycle begins (typically September 1st). A key milestone for our success necessitates having the bulk of your requirements submitted no later than May 1st. We provide you with an easy to use collaboration tool where you can submit all of your requests. Please refer to our Important Deadlines sheet to see which requirements have extended deadline dates.

After May 1st, we will schedule a review session to go over your change requests and make sure we understand your requirements.  With your input, we will prioritize and schedule those changes.  Below is a timeline of the process to help you prepare.

Submitting Annual Application Cycle Changes

FolderWave sends a reminder to clients in March to start submitting requests into Smartsheet. It is critical to supply as much information as possible, and an example or a screenshot attached almost always saves considerable review time. Each client is provided with user credentials. If you need to request credentials, please contact Technical Support.

Product Enhancements… We Want to Hear Your Ideas!

Enhancing the product, adding functionality to improve your processes, and making our tools easier for you to use are always goals at FolderWave. You, as the day-to-day users of the FolderWave product suite, are the best people to offer suggestions that will make the products better.

Product Enhancement Suggestions are ideas and recommendations for product changes to improve how the FolderWave products perform, change or increase its functionality, or enhance the user experience with FolderWave. These ideas should pertain to the FolderWave product in general, and not to your school’s specific implementation. Please note that Product Enhancement Suggestions are not requests to fix current functionality that is not performing as designed. While FolderWave continuously reviews the suggestions and ideas it receives, incorporating all ideas received may not be feasible.

Submitting Product Enhancement Suggestions

Clients can submit their Product Enhancement Suggestions at any time throughout the year. Ideas may be submitted via Smartsheet.  There is a column to identify the row as an Enhancement versus a Cycle Start-Up Request. You may set this column, or we will do that for you when we review the submission.

FolderWave Technical Support

When issues arise, our Technical Support team is available to assist you.

Each client may name one primary contact for submitting support requests to FolderWave, along with naming a backup should the primary contact be unavailable.  By funneling requests through a primary contact, a client can ensure that requests are consistently documented, issues that are being experienced by multiple users identified early, and a dynamic relationship between FolderWave and the contact may be established. Please note, use of FolderWave Technical Support is only for our clients directly. Students should never be directed to FolderWave Technical Support.

The Technical Support System allows a user to report and track any issue. Once an issue has been submitted, FolderWave’s Technical Support staff will review and attempt to duplicate the issue submitted and route it to the appropriate person or group for resolution.

Submitting a Technical Support Ticket

When submitting a support ticket, it is critical to supply as much information as possible to aid us in troubleshooting. An example that we can refer to or a screenshot attached almost always saves considerable response time. Whenever possible, using the Keywords below in the Subject Line of the email will help to route the request as well. Support tickets may be submitted via email at You may track your submissions by logging into Zendesk and using the user credentials that have been provided to you by FolderWave. If you need to request credentials, please email

Acceptable Keywords to be included in the Subject Line of Email Request
Keyword Description
DTD: Use to indicate that there is an issue with DOC TO-DO, such as applications or messages are “stuck,” cannot process something through DOC TO-DO, etc.
DOC: Use to indicate any other document issue not related to DTD above .
REPORT: Use to indicate issues with custom queries, daily reports, report extracts, etc.
DATA FEED: Use to indicate issues with any data feed (Common App, SAT scores, etc.)
ONLINE FORM: Use to indicate issues with any online forms, including inquiry forms, online applications, etc.
SYSTEM: Use to indicate any issues related to the FolderWave application, such as the user interface, system response times, etc.
URGENT: Urgent issue in the production system, such as the system is down or integration has stopped. *Please note, if you use this Urgent keyword the entire support team is notified immediately via email and/or text message.
Example of a valid subject line:   DTD: Application stuck in Docs to Do