We’ve all been there. Nearly all the credentials needed for the decision have been received, and a letter of recommendation is “lost in the mail.” We’ve come up with an approach to help flatten that bottleneck while providing a simple, easy-to-use solution for applicants and those who recommend them.

This feature is currently in its pilot phase. Here’s how it works: An applicant can enter a list of people who have agreed to provide a recommendation. When the applicant submits the application, an email will be sent to each person on the list. The “recommender” information is saved and associated with the applicant in FolderWave. When the recommender clicks the link in the email, the letter of recommendation on-line form displays with applicant’s first and last name pre-populated. When the recommendation form is submitted, the person submitting the form will be sent an email receipt, and their recommendation will be added to the applicant’s case. Reminder emails will be sent to people who have been requested to complete a letter of recommendation and have not completed the form. §