Many in Higher Education are familiar with the institution-specific version of FolderWave, where Inquiry, Admission, Aid, and Student Records processing combine to provide a self-service portal, data integration, reporting, and document management. What may be less obvious to some is the potential to host different organizations within one version (often called an instance) of FolderWave. Perhaps the most familiar example would be the example of undergraduate and graduate admissions for the same institution housed in the same system, but having separate security and content. FolderWave can also accommodate different schools within a single instance, such as you might find in a state system, providing metrics at both the institutional and the campus level. We also support multiple systems within an installation: The Massachusetts Educational Finance Authority (MEFA) is one such case.

A soon-to-be-released implementation of FolderWave will assess and track student education and vocational career assessments, create portfolios, and provide guidance counselors in multiple secondary school systems with enhanced productivity and metrics. Information will be available at the campus, system, and state levels. Another example would be Shorelight Education’s global implementation, where counselor/advisors use FolderWave to review applications and credentials submitted to various colleges and universities by students from around the world. §