What have your customers seen as the key benefits of your solution?

FolderWave solutions, implemented in key areas at highly prestigious institutions, have addressed and significantly improved processes and demonstrated value in a tangible way by:

  • Increasing FTE capacity by eliminating high volume paper processes
  • Saving floor and storage space
  • Decreasing copying, and supplies purchases
  • Eliminating inefficient capital equipment purchases for scanners and servers
  • Decreasing training time for new employees
  • Supporting large volume increases and spikes without adding personnel/overtime
  • Reducing processing time from months to weeks

FolderWave’s primary goals are in improving case flow and significantly affecting the institution’s ability to make more informed decisions, leading to improved class demographics with proven results. Institutions have seen the following intangible aspects:

  • Better service to applicants through self-service and information available at staff’s fingertips
  • Easily accessible knowledge information (reporting)
  • Framework for growth and expansion
  • Advanced technology position
  • Reduce technical maintenance of mainframe
  • Eliminate mundane work (from paper)
  • Improved front end to current systems
  • Improvement in retention (morale)
  • Increased capacity to provide more direct contact with applicants
  • Remote access for admissions fairs/recruiting