There are lots of document management companies out there, how are you different?

We help you manage the process and eliminate the capital equipment and paper intensive processes from your environment. Typical imaging companies sell you a toolkit and some software for scanning, indexing and viewing. You not only have to buy the software, but develop the application and do the work yourself. FolderWave does all of that for you and provides the fully integrated solution as a service via the Internet, As a result, you do not have to invest in high volume, expensive capital equipment, or hire large temporary staffs to get through the paper process each year.

Traditional approaches of integrated imaging allow you to pop up a document when you are looking at someone, but do little to integrate workflow rules which are critical to timely delivery of information. This approach also often does not accommodate other document types in the mix. Video clips, voice files, spreadsheets all are part of the documentation trail. With many of the imaging tools, each time you upgrade the revision of your administrative system you have to be careful that fields on the screen did not change by one location or the integration will not work. Continually maintaining the integration from each software update creates maintenance headaches you don’t need.