If we already have a scanning process, why do we need FolderWave?

Scanning and document management is just one segment of the FolderWave service. Critical information resides in many other formats and is supplied by a variety of sources both inside and outside of the organization. FolderWave manages all of this.

And most importantly, scanning and other forms of document management are just the beginning. FolderWave integrates all the required information into a complete process (application) delivered as a service over the Internet.

Our SIS system has these pieces as well, how are these different?

There are several systems on the market today that provide robust back end administrative functions. What they do not do well is to manage the work process. Typically in most operational areas, there is a significant expense and effort tied to collecting data from many sources and efficiently processing the information.

At most campuses today this is done with heavy paper processing which is highly inefficient. FolderWave solutions focus on the “case” including technologies such as document management, workflow, and data management, which create a highly efficient process solution. Integrating this information into your SIS creates a powerful synergy that maximizes the potential of your SIS, while streamlining inefficient processes that the SIS often does not address.

What is the implementation timeframe?

We have a methodology that is 90 days, but the implementation timeframe largely depends on the institution’s timing needs and customer availability.

What type of results can your solutions provide?

  • Implement, update and enhance critical systems in weeks, not months or years
  • Rapidly implement dramatic improvement in processes and efficiency
  • System conforms to the way you operate rather than vice versa
  • Cost-effective path for growth
  • Legacy systems life extended
  • Optimized enrollment process through optimized class demographics
  • Improved service to your students and their family
  • No capital equipment expenditures
  • No periodic and expensive technology updates

The complete process. Everything from Document and Data Management through System Integration and your specific workflow, including training and updates.

How does FolderWave deliver their solutions?

FolderWave delivers complex high volume applications in near real time as a service via the Internet. This approach has enabled FolderWave to develop, install and support complex applications in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost than traditional methods. Initial implementations are measured in weeks. All of this results in rapid deployment of complex applications with minimal disruption and minimal demand on existing IT infrastructure.

What products does FolderWave offer?

FolderWave’s products contain modules such as:

  • Online Application (Generic)
  • Inquiry
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Records
  • Transcripts
  • Contract and Grant administration
  • Development Office

These modules will allow critical information to be managed in a fully integrated framework allowing the student to move through the admissions and entry process much faster and with greater efficiency than ever before.

Is your Company Cloud-based?

Yes. FolderWave’s Technology, applications, and services are entirely web-based which allows us the ability to offer flexible and adaptable solutions. With our Cloud-based infrastructure, we can host our solutions and create specific environments for different customers. As a result, we can relieve your IT shop of another burden they would normally have to install, implement, integrate, maintain, upgrade and service the hardware and software.

What partnerships does the company have?

FolderWave has exciting strategic partnerships with:

  • A national document handling firm that provides all the scalable and highly reliable paper-handling processes, including scanning, data capture and mail handling.
  • A tier-1 provider of hosting services providing FolderWave a highly secure and reliable hosting environment, including services such as server management, intrusion detection, managed security, high availability, and backup services.

How long has the company been in business?

FolderWave, incorporated in June of 2000, is an innovative “Cloud” based solutions and services company with a fully integrated family of complete business processes delivered via the Internet to the Education Industry. FolderWave’s main offices are in Westford, Massachusetts.