Project Management

Each project is different, so we have people that have seen implementations of all flavors. We prefer to work closely with our customers and develop a good understanding of their "As Is" process. Meaning, what you do today.

Our initial goal is not to re-engineer your business, but to make sure our application is configured to support your process, complex or simple, and allow you to re-engineer if and when you choose.

If, however, you plan to re-engineer your processes and would like to have us involved in a re-engineering effort before our technology is implemented, we would be happy to support your efforts.

  • Maintenance and Development: The project manager works to help identify, analyze the impact, coordinate design, assign priorities and manage the release process.
  • Communications and Reporting: The project manager works with staff and management to ensure proper communications and reporting on a daily basis with meetings occurring weekly to discuss issues, status and next steps.
  • Meetings and Updates: Attend and chair monthly meetings of advisor groups and weekly meetings of users and technical staff.

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