Cloud Solutions

In today's world there are plenty of issues for you to deal with in your core business. Your users want more, but you have too many projects already. That is why FolderWave offers our products in a managed approach. We will host the products, manage the servers and infrastructure in a secure reliable way, all 24/7. In addition to managing the solution for you FolderWave can also manage your paper.

By using FolderWave's outsourced services, you don't have to even open the mail. We can accept your mail, prepare it, scan it, index it, and capture data from it in hours, not days or weeks. All this so you just deal with the important information...the data.

With nationwide capability, our partners provide services to you at your site or at ours. If you would like to implement a centralized process on campus, you can. If you would rather not have the burden, we can manage it remotely. With couriers we can also allow the processing to happen offsite, but you can maintain your brand and image by having the documents sent to a local address.

Once the document handling is complete, the information is transmitted to your server and processed. All the new events, documents, and data, may trigger rules to fire, so you know when you have something important...within hours.

Where your information lives is as critical to us as it is to you. Through our partnerships, we provide the security and reliability of our solutions that you need. These services include:

  • Provisioning servers and storage
  • Performing backups of stored information
  • Monitoring the systems to ensure specific work transactions and message delivery are working properly
  • Ensuring error messages do not have an impact on operations
  • Communicating on infrastructure and hosting issues and resolution determination
  • Managing disk storage, system utilization, security hot fixes, backups and other system management services for proper operation, protection and response time of the system.

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