Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

The Higher Education landscape is changing, becoming more interactive and competitive. Students are demanding more from institutions and with the assistance of the right technology solutions, schools can engage, enroll and retain students in a more personal way. The need for agility and staying ahead of the curve is more critical than ever to remain viable.

Our Process: Simplifying the Relationship

The common view of CRM is a product "bolted on" to an existing ERP to improve communication and customer service. Many times data is extracted from the ERP to a CRM platform and additional data-gathering occurs within that product. In some cases, data or statuses are transferred back into the ERP. In this model, the extract effectively limits the exchange and use of data to its content. Enhancements and modifications to the extract are necessary to supplement or expand content, and a certain amount of time and agility can be lost as the next iteration languishes in the development queue.

FolderWave sees this method as less than ideal. We provide CRM functionality within our product, closely linking it with data and process. What's more, because we work with you to define your business and data needs, you get the opportunity to bring greater nuance to your communications and leverage external data sources.

FolderWave's proximity to your data is the greatest differentiator. Our business rules reflect what you've defined as essential to your process. You tell us what is necessary to support messaging for status changes, required items, or targeted contact.  Our annual development and enhancement cycle allows you to incorporate new data sources and hone your outreach. This is a critical advantage, given that new technologies can appear overnight.

Data is often stored in an ERP with little to no thought of its potential use in the CRM equation. With FolderWave, data, process, and communication are all in one place.   We work with you to customize your data loads, so the extraction, transformation, representation, and communication of data from external sources are designed with CRM in mind. This has become an expectation of today's students who log on to websites daily that track their preferences and bring forward suggestions based on prior purchases.

It's a simple idea when you think of it: Now more than ever, CRM is the gateway to your customer. Incorporating high-quality, nuanced communication into your overall design provides a wealth of opportunities that other products only partially deliver. Defining data capture with communication and service in mind also increases the power of analytics, metrics, and satisfaction indices. And, to repeat, it all exists in one place. This is just another example of how FolderWave stands out as a unique solution in Higher Education.

FolderWave's CRM module allows you to:

  • Segment Audiences
  • Tailor Messages
  • Improve Communication
  • Engage Applicants & Students
  • Maintain a Comprehensive Relationship History

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